ASHL York (Spring/Summer 2012)

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Player Name Team (Division)
A, Chris USHERS (Monday E)
A, S MOOSE (Tuesday E)
Abate, Frank TEAM CLAYMORE (Wednesday D1)
Abe, Nick VENOM (Tuesday D)
Abell, Jeff LEMON PARTY (Monday E)
Abell, John LEMON PARTY (Monday E)
Abell, Kristian LEMON PARTY (Monday E)
Abell, Mark LEMON PARTY (Monday E)
Ablack, Raymond MULTIPLE SCORGASMS (Adult 3 on 3 D2)
Ablack, Raymond MULTIPLE SCORGASMS (Adult 3 on 3 D2)
Abraham, David SHORTHANDED (Monday D2)
Abraham, Justin PENS (Wednesday D2)
Abraham, Phillip SHORTHANDED (Monday D2)
Abrams, Michael WASHED UP CAPITALISTS (Adult 3 on 3 D1)
Abramson, Ray OILERS (Adult 3 on 3 C)
Acta, Stephen SKYMARK STARS (Tuesday D2)
Addie, Mike COLTS (Thursday D1)
Addorisio, Adam JOKERS (Tuesday C)
Adelberg, Lawrence DIRTY HAWKS (Wednesday D2)
Adelson, Raymond CANADIAN THUNDER (Tuesday E)
Affleck, Scott TRAPPERS (Monday E)
Agla, Scott CIVIL UNDERGROUND (Tuesday C)
Agla, Stephen CIVIL UNDERGROUND (Tuesday C)
Agueci, Joseph DIRTY DOZEN (Monday E)
Aguiar, Gabriel STONECUTTERS (Tuesday E)
Aharoni, Jesse COYOTES (Thursday E)
Aiken, Bob ARISTOCRATS (Sunday E)
Aires, Michael NEMESIS (Fill In)
Aires, Rafeal NEMESIS (Fill In)
Alaimo, Claudio GINOS PREDATORS (Wednesday D1)
Alaimo, Joe GINOS PREDATORS (Wednesday D1)
Alavie, Ben NORDIQUES (Sunday B)
Alexander, Matt THRASHERS (Sunday D2)
Ali, Erman SNOW LEOPARDS (Tuesday A)
Ali, Marco MONSTER ROOSTERS (Wednesday D1)
Allen, Brett KNIGHTS (Wednesday D1)
Allen, Shane MAPLE LEAF DIAMONDS (Wednesday D1)
Almeeda, Adam PUCK PUCK PASS (Adult 3 on 3 D1)
Almeida, Adam SAHARA DESERT CANOE CLUB (Sunday D2)
Almeida, Ryan PUCK PUCK PASS (Adult 3 on 3 D1)
Alonson, Alaiva MUD BUGS (Wednesday C)
Altilia, Jason BEDFORD BISONS (Tuesday C)
Alton, Steve SKYMARK STARS (Tuesday D2)
Alton, Vincent SKYMARK STARS (Tuesday D2)
Alyeksyeyev, Yevgen OCHS (Monday C)
Amazallay, Yoann NAPOLEONS ARMY (Tuesday C)
Ambatali, Mel CHIEFS (Thursday C2)
Ambronio, Rich RG DESTROYERS (Thursday E)
Amiel, Greg HIGHLANDERS (Thursday E)
Ammendolia, Carlo THRASHERS (Sunday D2)
Anagnostopoulos, Steve FIELDGATE UNITED (Sunday D1)
Anastas, Andrew WASHED UP CAPITALISTS (Adult 3 on 3 D1)
Anderson, Brent ZIG ZAGS (Thursday C2)
Anderson, Geordie MOOSE (Tuesday E)
Anderson, Mike STONECUTTERS (Tuesday E)
Anga, Jeff MAPLE LEAF DIAMONDS (Wednesday D1)
Angelosante, Dan SOFA KING GOOD (Sunday E)
Anger, Scott DRILLERS (Thursday E)
Anikin, Artur OCHS (Monday C)
Annand, Andrew HELLS LEFTOVERS (Adult 3 on 3 D2)
Antenucci, Flavio BQC (Thursday D2)
Antenucci, Tony BQC (Thursday D2)
Anzelmo, Peter SCREAMING EAGLES (Monday D1)
Applebaum, Jason REBELS (Monday D1)
Appleton, Rob WOLVES (Adult 3 on 3 D1)
Appleton, S MAD CAPS (Thursday D1)
Appleton, Trevor BLADES OF STEEL (Tuesday E)
Appleton, Robert WOLVES (Adult 3 on 3 D1)
Apps, Kyle UPPER DECKER (Sunday C)
Aprick, Alex YOUNG GUNS (Thursday C2)
Arbour, Mark ABBOTT FINANCIAL (Tuesday A)
Arbour, Stephan ICE HOGS (Monday C)
Archdekin, Brad NORDEKES (Tuesday E)
Arci, Phil PASS THE DUTCH (Sunday C)
Arcot, Neil LEMON PARTY (Monday E)
Arklie, Andrew MAPLE LEAF DIAMONDS (Wednesday D1)
Armstrong, Steven RG DESTROYERS (Thursday E)
Arnold, Craig MULTIPLE SCORGASMS (Adult 3 on 3 D2)
Arora, Anil NORTH YORK PURPLE KUSH (Sunday D2)
Arora, Matt NORTH YORK PURPLE KUSH (Sunday D2)
Arseneau, Michael MAJOR LEAGUE LETTERING (Tuesday E)
Arvisais, Paul CANADIAN THUNDER (Tuesday E)
Ascenzi, Chris UNDERDOGS (Thursday D2)
Ashie, Robert MAJOR LEAGUE LETTERING (Tuesday E)
Ashton, Chris WHALERS (INRIG) (Thursday C1)
Aslani, Shervin MOOSE (Tuesday E)
Aston, Jim ACES (Sunday D1)
Aston, Peter ACES (Sunday D1)
Athanasopoulos, Alan FIELDGATE UNITED (Sunday D1)
Attard, Jojohn PENS (Wednesday D2)
Attard, Tyler SENATORS (Wednesday D1)
Attfield, Matt ZIG ZAGS (Thursday C2)
Aucoin, Michael ROYAL PARK PANTHERS (Tuesday C)
Aujowoycz, Simon HOUSE LEAGUERS (Sunday C)
Austin, Rob CANADIAN THUNDER (Tuesday E)
Aversa, Joseph MAD CAPS (Thursday D1)
Axisa, Jeffrey STINGERS (Wednesday C)
Ayranto, Patrick COLTS (Thursday D1)

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